Welcome to Southside Plumbing and Gas. We are your licensed, affordable plumbers. We are based in Perth’s Southern suburbs servicing the nearby areas of Port Kennedy, Secret Harbour, Rockingham, Kwinana, Mandurah and beyond. Contact us today for a free quote.


Our high pressure water jetter fixes your blocked drains fast.


Call us to fix your water leak or burst pipe.


If your hot water system fails we can repair or replace your system


We can fix those annoying dripping taps and shower heads.

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Our company mission is to provide local residents with excellent workmanship, the best customer service  and fair prices at each and every job


Southside Plumbing & Gas provide you affordable, quality plumbing services for your Perth home. Based in Port Kennedy, we service Perth’s Southern Suburbs and Perth’s Northern Suburbs for larger jobs.

With Southside Plumbing you can expect an honest, friendly and reliable service. Our professional licensed plumbers can assist you with all domestic and commercial plumbing and gas fitting services.

We are the Perth blocked drain specialists. Our state of the art Hydro Jetter system can remove blockages in a non-invasive way. In most cases, we will avoid having to dig up pipes as the Hydro Jetter system breaks up and pushes out the blockage without having to remove the pipe.

We are more than happy to provide you with an initial estimate for plumbing work that you need. Contact us today and enjoy great rates from your local Port Kennedy Plumber.

Our Plumbing Services

Blocked Drains: If you find that water is not draining quickly (or at all) from your sink or bath, you have a blocked drain. A blocked drain doesn’t have to be expensive to fix. With our Hydro Jetter system, we are less likely to need to use expensive and invasive digging to clear your blocked drain.

Burst Pipes: A leaking or burst pipe can cause a lot of damage if left untreated. Moisture in the walls of your house can lead to rot caused by internal wall moisture. Burst pipes outside your home can lead to water wastage.

Hot Water Repairs: When your hot water system fails it can be a huge inconvenience. The good news is we can fix your hot water system fast and at competitive prices. With access to the top brands of hot water systems, we know the best option for your Perth home and budget.

Leaking Taps: A dripping tap is not only annoying, it can waste a lot of water. Get your leaking taps fixed fast at an affordable rate and friendly service.

Emergency Plumbing

Do you have an emergency plumbing situation? Whether it’s a Burst pipe or hot water system failure, call us for a fast and friendly service to fix your Emergency plumbing situation fast. 




We aim to provide you an affordable plumbing service.



We have an eye for detail and a committment to quality on all jobs



We love providing a friendly service and meeting new people


Southside Plumbing and Gas News

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How to Fix Leaking Taps

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Helpful Tips on Unblocking Drain

In most instances, clogging of sinks occurs because people simply are not mindful of what it is they are throwing in the drains, anything from kitchen oils to egg shells. This information can be a positive asset to assist your efforts on unblocking drains.

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